Wine Classes

December 10

Holiday Mixology with Claire Starz

Want to spice up your holiday parties and impress your friends and family? Claire Starz from Grey’s on 5th is back to mix her magic on Saturday, November 5 for the Holiday Edition of Wine Mixology class. She’ll be featuring creative and delicious holiday wine cocktail recipes for you to enjoy and learn to make for your holiday gatherings.

Claire will be discussing seasonal mixing and sharing original recipes featuring the best in creative winter wine cocktails. Come join the festivities!

Class tickets are $30. Call us to reserve your spot.

1:00to 2:00 PM

January 28

Ever wondered…is it for Mixing? Dessert? only for Gran in a tiny glass at Christmas?

Sherry, a fortified wine from southern Spain is seeing a bit of a comeback in the wine world. And we are here to help you navigate this mysterious and often misunderstood style. With its long history and interesting fermentation process, sherry can be bone dry to sweet. This versatile rich wine is made for enjoying with a wide variety of tapas ….and friends!

Join us Saturday, January 28 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm to learn about five styles of sherry and the history behind this delicious fortified wine. Enjoy perfectly paired cocas de picar (small bites) while we help you navigate your way through an old Andalucian standard.

Tickets are $36

Call us to reserve your seat.