January Events

January 6

Happy New Year 2023!

For the month of January, we are pleased to feature the art of Cynthia Deutsch and Susan Burford.

Cynthia is a talented Lynchburg potter. Relatively new to the pottery world, she has taken classes locally and with New York artist Tim See. She works primarily using pastel-colored underglazes, carving and then layering colors and patterns to create whimsical flowers and designs.

“For me, pottery is a never-ending exploration of form, function and beauty. Time on the wheel provides clarity and focus, a time when all other aspects of a chaotic da slips to the side.”

You can find her work on Facebook (Two Dogs Clay), Instagram (@twodogsclay), or downtown with Steven Francis Fine Art.

Our second artist is Susan Burford, a Lynchburg native. She studied art at Virginia Tech and began to focus on animal portraits in soft pastel about three years ago. Her work ranges from animals to flowers and landscapes.

Her lifelike realism captures the personality of a beloved pet or essence of a landscape. Susan’s work was a part of the Lynchburg Art Festival in 2021 and 2022.

Join us for wine tasting Friday evening, January 6 from 5PM to 7PM and view the work of these two talented local artists.

January 13

Enjoy our regular Friday evening tasting from 5PM to 7PM while listening to mellow tunes by Ben Witt on guitar. Ben performs vintage classics from the 1970's by America, John Denver, James Taylor and more.

What a fun way to start your weekend in Downtown Lynchburg!

January 28

Ever wondered…is it for Mixing? Dessert? only for Gran in a tiny glass at Christmas?

Sherry, a fortified wine from southern Spain is seeing a bit of a comeback in the wine world. And we are here to help you navigate this mysterious and often misunderstood style. With its long history and interesting fermentation process, sherry can be bone dry to sweet. This versatile rich wine is made for enjoying with a wide variety of tapas ….and friends!

Join us Saturday, January 28 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm to learn about five styles of sherry and the history behind this delicious fortified wine. Enjoy perfectly paired cocas de picar (small bites) while we help you navigate your way through an old Andalucian standard.

Tickets are $36