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The Sommelier

In the world of wine, the group of experts known as sommeliers undergo years of training to understand every facet of grape growing, vineyard management, and the complexities of winemaking.

Sommeliers are able to assist you in choosing a wine at your favorite restaurant, explaining why it’s the perfect pairing with your entrée. They will tell you how the climate, soil, topography, and weather of a region as well as the winemaker’s stylistic approach contributed to the unique experience in your glass.

Around the globe, only an estimated 600 Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers exist combined. At Everyday Sommelier, we believe that the knowledge to understand and appreciate the wines of the world should not be limited to a select group of masters.

With enthusiasm and effort, you too, can learn to navigate the world of wine in everyday situations—dining in restaurants, shopping in wine stores, traveling and planning a holiday meal or dinner party. Ultimately, it’s our hope that more knowledge and confidence will enable you to be your own sommelier….every day.

We look forward to being your guide!